No cost to join: There are no membership dues to join WPI EMS. In addition, we also supply uniforms and are partially able to contribute to the cost of recertification for members.

Continuing Education: WPI EMS holds weekly squad trainings. We will also schedule state continuing education credits for EMTs in partnership with Boylston Fire-EMS and South County EMS Associates. In addition, our service attends the annual collegiate EMS conference (NCEMSF).

Paid opportunities: Although WPI EMS is primarily a volunteer service, throughout the year WPI EMS will provide medical staffing for several events on WPI’s campus, such as: SoccComm Big Show, Destination Imagination, Touch Tomorrow, Commencement, and many sporting events. In addition, outstanding EMT members can also participate in our ambulance partnership with Boylston Fire.


You must be at least a certified First Responder (also called EMR) to join WPI EMS. Any person holding a higher certification (EMT-B,-I, or Paramedic) and is licensed to practice in Massachusetts are strongly encouraged to apply. Proof of both a CPR and First Responder (or EMT) certification is required.

If you'd like to apply to be a part of WPI EMS, please fill out an application and send it to

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